Delta Vel

Alex Lester

iOS Specialist
Web App Developer

four Years of Experience
as a freelance developer

owner of Delta vel
design & development services

bubble raps

The idea for “Bubble Raps” came from my deep love and appreciation for Hip-Hop and my disappointing inability to rhyme. I searched the App Store for ANY kind of rhyming game, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t some kind of “ABCMouse” app. I figured I couldn’t be the only one interested in improving their rhyming skills, so I decided to build my own rhyme-based game!


The basic concept for this application was to create an application very similar to "Pandora" but for local Detroit music. I set up the MP3 storage, database and user authentication using Firebase.

Oil Dropper

Description coming soon.

Apple API Reference

This was one of our first mobile development app projects. Apple's disorganization annoyed us from the very first day we started developing. So, we created this app to organize all of Apple's API References. [Link Currently Unavailable]

TCB Web Browser

The TCB Web Browser was a fun project that allowed us to experiment with new ideas for UI design. The project started off small, but after communicating some ideas we had to our client, it really took off! [Link Currently Unavailable]

TCB Countdown App

This app is part one of a two part project. For this app, we just set up a basic countdown app with quite a beautiful design. Next, we will be implementing some financial features into this app... Stay tuned (;

Mary Ann's Fine Jewelry

Mary Ann's Fine Jewelry's store in Birmingham is absolutely beautiful. We wanted to make her a website that reflected the beauty of the store, as well as the stunning jewelry she makes. Fun fact: the about page has a Virtual Reality view of her store front.

100K Entertainment

This was one of the very first websites Delta Vel ever created. 100K Entertainment is a Multi-Media Company in Detroit. Since Delta Vel & 100K Entertainment are both based in the Detroit area, we have a deep appreciation for Detroit's beauty.. In case the website didn't give that away.

Toga Clone

We absolutely loved the design of this website, so we decided to recreate it to test our skills and influence our work.

Authentic stallion

Authentic Stallion is an online Eyeware Accessories, Hair Extensions and Apparel shop based in Southfield, MI. This was quite an interesting job that displayed some of our basic E-Commerce abilities.

Great Bean

This is just a little demonstration website we created as a possible template for future web design projects.

Our previous website

The design for our previous website was quite interesting. We had a slowly changing gradient in the background, which would change the color of the main navigation boxes as well. On top of that, we integrated VOICE COMMANDS & NAVIGATION for the entire website.